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We love feeling good
And for us this comes from the pleasure of walking naturally. Like when we went barefoot on the grass as children. So instead of forcing feet into unnatural shapes, Benvado footwear is modelled around the foot. The combination of this natural shape, the anatomic insole and the ideal height of the wedges means you recapture the natural dynamism of your walk and feel great.

We live in the world and we respect it
We at Benvado believe in the value of giving life all the quality it deserves. For this reason, as well as creating footwear that lets you feel perfectly at ease at all times of day, we also seek to establish a balance and harmony with the world. Benvado makes its choices with this thought in mind: we apply ever more stringent standards in terms of quality, environmental protection and social responsibility.

We smile
Because we have given every woman the pleasure of feeling good and the indulgence of looking beautiful. The satisfaction of those that choose Benvado footwear is a feeling that starts with comfortable feet and ends with pure aesthetic pleasure. Because our shoes expertly combine the meticulous quest for comfort with the pursuit of aesthetic elegance, German technical precision with inimitable Italian taste, fashion and the latest trends. This is why our customers smile. Because looking great helps you feel great so that you can face life with more energy and positivity.