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Feminine sandal thanks to the gentle crossing of the straps on the instep,
the forefoot bands in addition to keeping the foot stable
can mask some imperfections of the foot.
Discover the models in the Siena line.

A casual sandal with a young design, very soft in its roll,
comfortable in the walk thanks to the combination of the soft footbed
and the carved sole on the side of the tread.
This is a sporty sandal with a maxi crossover
that wraps the foot well and is adjustable
thanks to the Velcro fastening on the ankle.
Discover the models in the Prato line.

Casual sandal featuring an anatomical footbed and a soft, lightweight sole.
This sandal has a maxi crossover that wraps around the foot: a band is carved,
making the model more attractive.
It is adjustable on the ankle thanks to the Velcro fastening.
Discover the models in the Sissi line